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A Free Excel Template for Financial Statement Spreading

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For many community banks and credit unions, Excel is an obvious choice for financial spreading. But if your institution hasn’t been doing commercial lending for a while, or you’ve been getting by with just a simple cash flow spreadsheet, the prospect of building your own Excel-based spreading template can be quite daunting.

Community banks and credit unions need an easy–to–use Excel statement spreading template without having to spend days or weeks designing it from scratch. That’s why we created this simple Excel statement spreading template.

An Excel Financial Spreading Template Designed for Small Business Lending

The spreadsheet’s objectives are to:

  • Create a consistent, baseline approach to financial spreading across your organization.
  • Expedite analysis and internal review.
  • Maintain a level of flexibility that’s essential for small business banking.
  • Get up and running quickly with a simple spreading tool.

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Download FISCAL's FREE Financial Statement Spreading Excel Template

A Spreading Template Designed for the Way You Do Business

For more than 30 years, FISCAL has offered software solutions that streamline financial statement spreading and tracking tasks. We’ve heard from a few banks and credit unions that they’re also looking for methods and tools to help reduce mistakes and save time within Excel.

Using our underwriting knowledge and in-house Excel expertise, FISCAL created an Excel template for financial statement spreading designed to make statement spreading simpler.

Whether you’ve been spreading in Excel for years or you’re creating a process from scratch, the FISCAL Excel Template for Financial Statement Spreading can help if you are:

  • Looking for a better solution than creating your own Excel spreading template but not ready for a full software system.
  • Launching or restarting a lending program and have a need for a comprehensive and reliable system for performing spreading tasks.
  • Lacking the in-house expertise needed to efficiently manage spreading tasks in Excel.
  • Searching for a solution you can get up and running quickly.

Three Spreading Templates in One

When reviewing loans for small businesses, loan officers often lean on the same templates time and again. We’ve put together three different spreadsheets commonly used by community banks and credit unions to get you started quickly.

The Excel Statement Spreading templates include separate files for:
  • Income Statement Template
  • Balance Sheet Template
  • Personal Financial Statement Template

What You’ll Find In the Excel Statement Spreading Templates

Here are some template features that will save you even more time.

Keep the statement header information visible as you scroll.

A good statement spreading template should have the view settings you need each time you open a new spreadsheet. Here, we created settings that let you see the top rows, keeping important information visible, like statement date and the analyst who did the spread.

Set Print Area, Page Breaks, and Fit to Page

While basic, fiddling with printer settings to get the right view can be frustrating and takes valuable time away from what’s important. The FISCAL Excel statement spreading template always fits to one page, saving you time and sanity.

No protections, locked cells, or data validation

These templates are intentionally designed to serve as a starting point, allowing you to add or delete rows, columns, change formulas, etc. While improvements could be made to increase standardization and consistency, these changes would limit the spreadsheets' flexibility. We have intentionally left them unlocked so that you have the ability to make them your own.

About FISCAL’s Spreading and Tracking Solutions

If you’re a community bank or credit union that’s tired of troubleshooting problems with Excel, this template could be a good first step to help you get back on track.

However, there are a number of tell-tale signs that Excel is no longer the right solution and you should consider a spreading and tracking software solution. For institutions looking for a spreading and tracking solution beyond Excel’s capabilities, FISCAL SPREADING and TRACKING offers a comprehensive solution that is designed for community banks and credit unions, and geared toward small business lending. Want to know more? Our team is happy to talk to you.